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Naveena C K

Reflecting on the Chamundeshwari By-election

The Chamundeshwari election in Mysore is finally over with an estimated expenditure of over 80 crores by the two leading political parties. Finally it was Siddharamaiah who won and I very much doubt if this would have been the case if the opposite parties have fielded a better candidate. Siddharamaiah can never be accepted as the leader of all as he continuously puts up the AHINDA show, demands caste based reservation which can only ruin the society in the long run and he has won only because opposition party had nothing to show for.

On the face of it, this election shouldn’t have become as intense as it really got. This was after all a by-election for a constituency which was anyway had no political implications. It gave me the feeling that our leaders were very eager to get some excitement as they were all bored fighting in the Vidhana Soudha.[I respect the emotions but definitely dont accept the expenditure]

Leaving all these things and judging the political scenario from a neutral standpoint, it was very shocking for any individual to note that, in India, the elections are still controlled by money, liquor and Caste.

To whichever effect, that we try to downplay the effect of caste, we can’t help but know that it still holds control on our society; and this is not the common man who should be blamed for, but the politicians, and the so called leaders who always try to keep a community firmly in their control. I feel really sympathetic for those who tried to avoid any political party apart from JD(S) to come and canvas in their village. See how much they have been hypnotized by their political leaders. Lack of education, Lack of good men in politics, Lack of social ideas among the common mass, these have been the reason for this sorry state of Indian Politics

And my bottom line is, the NGOs which have played a vital role in improving the condition of the physically, mentally and economically challenged in India should now think of educating the mass on social awareness and their rights in democracy

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