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Dr Taher's complaint

Dr Mohamed Taher, a MyMysore regular reader, has a grouse. His questions are ignored; his e-mails go unanswered; and no one takes note of his blog. His point is people don't have the courtesy to visit his blog, and leave their comments - good, bad or indifferent. I have received three mails from him within  the last one week. And he is persistent. What struck me about him is Dr Taher's tenacity. He can't be stonewalled. Incidentally, does anyone remember having read something about 'Danish flu' ? Dr. Taher would like to know. His other query relates to a comment he posted in response to an item by Mr Bapu Satyanarayana. The comment, pertaining to 'Amway', has gone 'missing', he says.

I would let Dr Taher speak for himself by quoting excerpts from his e-mails. I have left out some of his more personal observations made about a couple of others because 1) I thought they were a tad too personal and not so polite; and 2) they were not relevant to Dr Taher's core grievances.

His latest mail, received a few hours before this post, reads:GVK: Isn't it strange, and surprising. In my 23rd's email, I asked you about the (Danish) fever. I reced no response, as of this date....Are my emails reaching you? Or you are too busy? Or what else is the matter?

Our e-mail exchange (one-way traffic, as Dr Taher would have it) started in May when I addressed a mail to Mymysore contacts seeking their sustained input to the site. In response Dr Taher wrote:(May 27): I did contribute a couple of times-- including on Sir Mirza Ismail, Tipu Sultan portal, my own mysore days, etc.. (The blog is now so loaded with content, and needs theme or topic index). Tell me if you need my help as an indexer, I will be happy to contribute. For instance, I cannot find any where the above topics in the present arrangement.

In addition to the above, I left an inquiry about missing Amway story. NO response nor reaction was found. I did not give up my hope. And, then I left a similar message at the blog of Mr. Bapu Satyanarayana (since I had no way to personally write to him). Even from this corner no respose came. I then gave up. If Amway story is still there, I can;t see it. 

In response to my comments (and request to visit my blog) that I submitted at, let me add on: My traffic tracker showed barely any noticeable visits from mymysore. No one took notice of my blog articles, nor tried to spread a work amongst the other mysorans.

I think I am now going on one-way route. I dont complain; It is people who should have manners and courtesy to visit other's blogs and leave comments - good, bad or whatever. I cannot force the horse to drink water. Less said the better....I will move on, and stop expecting from the unexpected ones. Thank you for your time and attention.
Mohamed Taher

My response to this: Dear Dr. Taher, I can't wait to post your e-mail as a comment on my post - Of our inactive blogs and unanswered e-mail' (if you permit me, that is). Because I would like the uninformed among us to understand what kind of comments you need to put up with - "people should have manners and courtesy to visit other's blogs and leave comments.." - if you volunteer to host an interactive website.

To your charges, pertaining to one-way comunication and the missing Amway story,  I'd have pleaded guilty, and even apologised, if I were running this as a private site to further a personal agenda. I would like to think that although I host the site it is a community civic initiative in which all of us are equal stakeholders., I'd say,  is nothing, if it is not an open forum . Which I reckon is a portal where you are free to interact or ignore. If what we write goes unnoticed, it probably means we are not interesting enough for others. To use your horse analogy, the water we take the beast to, is undrinkable or unfit for horse's consumption.
No hard feelings, Dr. Taher. Let's keep plugging, For some day the horses would take to our water. GVK 
From Dr Taher (June 22):Go ahead, and post my comment, and link my message with my blogs:
1. Multifaith Information Gateway [ ]
2. Library Technicians [ ]
3. Information Visualization [ ]

I know that I can't drag the horses, anyways. Even not so much success at the Multifaith Hall of Fame. I mailed a press release to about no less than three hundred plus print and online news sources, including the main channels of the Western media. NONE has left a visual stamp at my blog nor CARED to publicize the world's first and foremost hall portraying the Multifaith activists, who are simply doing their best to promote tolerance, develop grounds for religious harmony and sustain peace at a peaceful pace.

Dr Taher followed it up with a mail on June 23:Keep me informed as and when you post my comment. I just went round many pages, and don't know where you will paste this....
By the way, some three months or so, I read in one of our mysore-related blogs about the type of fever IT is bringnig to us. It was something like danish flu or danish fever (and the blogger gave a local color such as mysore flu or madras ever), and that related to exploiting our economy-- Any clue about this blog and who commented?







Dr Taher's complaint prompted me to do a zine5 piece, articulating my thoughts - Bloggers don' drip like leaky tap.

Reading blogger Taher's e-mails reminds me of the public water tap in front of our Mysore residence. They are usually on a whining mode – 'my e-mails go unanswered, my comments don't get response, and messages on other people's blogs are ignored'. My thoughts on such whining are that bloggers don't drip, like a municipal water tap in need of a change-of-washer. Drip-drop-drip…it goes on and on, never to be fixed...Click here to Read on

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