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L Venkata Ranga

Truth of God and Family

The central aim of Upanishad is to make an individual, family, community, nations and the whole stand on its feet in knowledge and thus one with Universal System. All the ancient knowledge system revolves around stressing our relationship and oneness with God. Every religion thus present a Mother and Father. What the ancient knowledge system speaks to us is the importance of the family relationship and how individuality and relationship should co-exist to bring harmony to the individual and the whole. An individual can attain no harmony, no peace, no order and no happiness unless he cares for the happiness of the family, society and vice-versa. Thus all ancient religious philosophies, includes elaborately written family drama. Before we go further to discuss the truth of God and family let us define life and the living universe – Life works on an instinct to maintain equilibrium on its left and right. We all have forgotten that we have come from one root and form His left or right. In pursuing our “self”, establishing our individuality we have forgotten our relationship to one whole. The root of all problems, the misery, disorder, violence, unhappiness, etc., lies in this single truth. When time takes its toll, naturally the power is transferred from the father to the elder brother. It becomes the duty of the elder to care for the whole as the father and mother cared for the family. But the “self” of the Elder brother comes into play. This self is the cause of the deterioration and friction. The call of the father and the mother to restore justice and truth fails to fall on the ears of the elder brother, the process is continued as a chain and deterioration and disorder grips the community and the whole. Slowly the balance of the whole system gets upset. Thus religion is a call from the Father in whom Mother exists. Creation is the sacrifice from the Father and the Mother to gain back their children. The way to return to the root is given in the story of the Prodigal Son, in the Bible. When the elder fails in his duties, the Lord, the Father and Mother favor the weak. This reality is reflected in the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Old–Testament of the Bible and almost all the religion in one form or the other.
If only we the individuals hold the lit candle will the darkness of the leaders disappear?

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