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E.R. Ramachandran

Language Matters!

                                             Language Matters!



Ajji was in a contemplative mood. That’s rare and it meant something was bugging her.


‘Ajji! What’s the matter with you? Are you observing Mouna Vratha,’ I asked.


 She shrugged off my question and said, ‘Ramu, Why is there so much galate about the languages our children should be taught?’


‘ It’s due to a combination of language policy, politics and job opportunity’.


‘You are using big words and sound like an intellectual! Why can’t our children whose medium of instruction is Kannada, cannot learn English from Ist Standard too?’


‘Our Intellectuals are against it. They don’t want the children to be burdened with more than one language’.


‘Utter Nonsense! Children learn and absorb a lot in their earlier years. By the way, does anybody know which is the medium of instruction of children and grandchildren of these so called ‘intellectuals? Is it Kannada or English?’


‘That’s not clear, Ajji! It’s always a secret. But they are doing this out of concern for children from rural areas.  Because of this controversy, they have also withdrawn their invitation to the C.M. for a meeting!’


‘Poor C.M.! Where will he go now? There was a possibility of his staying with one of the intellectuals overnight that could have helped him pick up some English grammar and in turn he could have taught lessons on humility and ground realities! They forget even people from rural areas dream too of their children becoming a ‘dipty commissineru’ or a  ‘software engineeru.’  By the way, when will Kannada become kalassik?’


‘Kalassik alla Ajji, it’s Classical! Nobody knows. It looks like it has run in to rough weather at Delhi.’


‘Then why can’t our intellectuals do a door to door campaign, mobilize people power, get all the M.Ps and MLAs together, go to Delhi and convince whosoever to be convinced and get kalassik for Kannada? How is it DMK and AIADMK work together when it comes to Tamil’s interest? What’s the use of blaming the State Government that it is doing nothing in this regard? People who have shortened their names just to sound like Pampa and Runna aren’t running around much and seem to be busy fighting among themselves!’


‘Ajji, Delhi is plagued by Chikungunya and Dengue. Nobody would prefer to go to Delhi now’.


‘ If we are so chicken hearted, how can we achieve anything? Imagine how Kannada stalwarts like Gokak,  Nijalingappa, R.R. Diwakar and countless Kannadigas worked for Karnataka Ekeekarana. It’s because of their sacrifice, we would soon be celebrating Suvarna Karnataka. At least, that should serve an example for our intellectuals!’




E.R. Ramachandran                                                                23, October, 2006



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