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Physical Education a must at all levels.

Posted on 8.10.2006

Physical Education a must at all levels

Our education system needs to introduce Physcial Education as a cumpulsory subject in all levels. It is the need of the hour and if it is started from the grass root level, it will reap rich rewards and finally the individual will grow up a better human being and be more tuned up to face the realities in life in the later stages of his/her career.

A child which begins his education at the school level will have to be taught the skills of Physical Education like any other subject, (the basics when learnt at a younger age will never be forgotten and if taught by a professional/skilled teacher) and you can see that it will have a direct impact on the growth of the children and also the attitude of the children.

This aspect has to be introduced as a curriculam/subject in the National level and also by the State Education Department. If you look at the scene now, the general public is worried about their health once they cross above 40 years and suddenly change their routine, by going for walks and jogging to maintain their health.

This scenario can be changed, if the the government authorities and the think tank concerned with the educational set up try to introduce Physical Education as a must in all levels of education in the country from the grass root level.

The government gives saction to open a school without a mandatory facility for a playground. There are many schools all over our country and in our state too which have not met the basic requirement.

Our education system needs to be revamped and Physical Education must be made as a cumpulsory subject from the grass root level to motivate the individual and also to help him/her to become a better individual in life.

Many a times we feel envious when smaller countries compared to us fare well in the Olympic and International level in sport whereas we are not able to win a individual gold medal in the Olympic level.

Parents role play a major part in educating the children. They should lay emphasis on developing or introducing Physical education to the children from the younger age. Every child cannot become a champion, but if he or she practices or learns Physical education and becomes physically fit he or she will lead a very healthy life.

Hope in the days to come, the scenario changes in our educational set up and I feel strongly that Physical Education needs to be introduced as a cumpulsory subject in all levels which in turn will have a direct positve effect on the future generation.

Discussions are open on this topic.

I am a Free-lance Sports Journalist based in Mysore and have my own portal website on sports called



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