Post Info TOPIC: A candid take on MyMysore dot com

A candid take on MyMysore dot com

In response to an 'alert' mail, I keep sending them now and then to our contacts, to draw attention to some info./issue posted in this site, I got a response from Maj. Gen. S G Vombatkere (retd.) that was candid, provocative and plainly unsettling. It knocked my perception that this site has evolved into an interactive forum that is open, fairly upfront, and given to voicing disagreements without being disagreeable. I have Gen.Vombatkere's permission to share with you our e-exchange, if only to clarify any mis-perception about this blog initiative that, I reckon, can be sustained only through a live and healthy interaction.

Dear Mr.Krishnan, I have not responded to several of your e-mails ever since you wrote about "Mysore Grahakara (not Galata) Parishat" because we took up some issue or took it up in a way that was not to your liking.  I am chary of entering your blog site, because it may again respond to dissent by name-calling, and I would not want MGP to be slandered because of something that I have stated.My views on BMIC are not at all conventional, but if there is going to be some rational discussion (sans name-calling) I might attempt to find the time. 


Dear Gen.Vombatkere, Thanks for that candid take. One would think the spirit of any discussion (particularly the 'rational' one) is in the diversity of views it generates. As for 'name-calling', I can't recall this to be a particular trait discernable in our interaction. I would like to believe that although we have had vehement disagreements reflected in our messages, interaction was conducted in a civil mode with hardly any use of terms that can be termed unparliamentary. After all, participants at mymysore forum also have public credentials and reputations to maintain. 
I appreciate your candour in dubbing mymysore dot com a name-caller and a website given to slander. And I very much like to put your views on record (with your permission, of course) , your perception, which, I find to be educative. You would, indeed, be doing mymysore dot com a service, if you allow me to post your mail in our blog. Believe me, I find your perception refreshingly unique, and worthy of being shared with others who would want to see this site evolving into a responsive civic endeavour. Awaiting your response to my plea. And I would not bother you with any more 'alert' mail on issues of public interest that figure in  

Dear Mr.Krishnan, I did mention (at that time) in my response that you had been "unkind" to use the words "(not Galata)", but apart from that lapse of name-calling, I do not recall any other incident. (I frankly do not understand the current meaning of the word "unparliamentary", given the awful language and behaviour of some of our elected representatives in the Parliament and the Assemblies). Of course there were disagreements on the blog site, but these are not to be barred, because good sense often comes out of disagreements as each learns from the other. I therefore do not shy away from disagreements nor criticise them. Everyone has the right to agree or disagree on any issue whatever, and express himself/herself accordingly. 
Since you have responded positively to my "take", I will return to the blog site, but I must mention that I may not be regular because I have a lot of other computer work and cannot really afford much time. You may send me "alerts", please, but I may respond only to those for which I find time. I hope that I have made my meaning clear. 
In connection with the BMIC, I have sent you my (unpublished) article (NICE Wins, but at Whose Cost ?) - you may use it as coming from me, without mentioning MGP. 
Yes, you may post this "set" of e-mails on the blog site if you wish. 

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